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Minimum Wage and Why We Should Leave It Alone

Can you remember a time when it did not cost over $5. 00 for a â€Å"Value† meal at any fast food chain, or when gas was under $2. 00? It’s hard to remember, isn’t it? The reason for the raise in price of the products you and I purchase on a weekly basis all has to do with the continuing raise of minimum wage. Donald R. Deere says â€Å"There are two ways to think about the minimum wage. The first – but misleading – is how much workers are going to get paid. The second – and correct – is how much people must be able to earn if they are going to get or keep a job. So the minimum wage, which is sometimes characterized as a â€Å"hand up, not a handout† is neither – it is a hurdle that trips up the least skilled. † The continuing demand of more money for less work has forced the United States to raise the minimum wage innumerable times in the last century, Which results in higher prices for the rest of us. Another raise in the minimum wage would, as all the others before it, raise prices for consumers, which would again result in another demand for a raise in the minimum wage. it’s a viscous cycle that must be stopped before it loses control. Not only does a raise in minimum wage result in a raise in the cost of living, it also causes the dismissal of hardworking people who are happy with their current income. When the firing axe starts to fall, seniority often determines who goes and who stays. The more a single employee costs a business an hour, the fewer employees the business can afford to employee an hour. This results in the dismissal of employees to compensate for a raise in labor costs, which creates a smaller staff, which results in slipshod service. Although most reasonable people would rather pay more for better service, the plain fact of the matter is that the service hasn’t really gotten any better. The service is better that it was when there weren’t enough employees so people assume the service itself has gotten better, while the truth is that the service is just as haphazard as before. The laborers are simply replaced because of a need for more employees, more often that not by people who have never worked in those positions before. By having a staff that is constantly fluctuating, the business hurts itself, the service is hurt because the new employees are in need of training, and in the end it is us, the consumers, who feel the real pain. The pain we experience is that of rising costs in the market its that sharp pain we feel every time we reach for our wallet, but it is in no way as painful as the fact that we give bonuses for no reason in the form of raises in the minimum wage. The argument that minimum wage should be raised says people need more money to make a living in a world of ever rising costs. The truth is that they, the people who demand more money, are the ones raising the cost of living. Some would say that the high cost of living is brought about by the devaluation of the dollar and the effects of inflation. Truth be told, inflation is also caused by the flooding of the market with bills printed to pay the high costs of laborers in the market. Laborers who are comprised primarily of teens and the elderly, both of which usually have an alternate for of income either in the for of parents or social security. I offer an alternative to the minimum wage. If people would respect their money and understand the value of the dollar then they would have to learn skills that would promote them in the job Market. The minimum wage could be kept for the handicapped and the disabled, people who for the most part aren’t able to advance themselves in the working world. The most positive thing about the current minimum wage is that it is substantial enough to make teens respect their money, but also low enough to force them to save. George Santayana Once said â€Å"Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them†. The argument over the minimum wage makes it abhorrently obvious that this statement is true. The time of action is now, before we are forced to start this cycle again.

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Persuasive Speech Green Burials Essay

With the effects global warming and other natural disasters becoming more frequent, it is safe to say pollution has created a major crisis on our planet. Theses effect can be seen in the United State with the major cold front that has just pushed in from Canada over this past week. Scientist say weather patterns such as this will become more likely because of global warming. As an ecofriendly individual, I have taken the time to research many ecological ideas. Today I hope to persuade individuals to select green burials as an alternative burial option. A green burial or natural burial is the proper disposal of the deceased with as little carbon impact as possible to the natural environment. Green burials help conserve natural resources, produces little to no carbon emissions, aids in protecting the health of grave diggers, and restores and preserves the natural habitat. For the end-of-life ritual to be considered to be a â€Å"green burial,† there can be no usage of non-biodeg radable or toxic materials. People who select to engage in green burials are laid to rest in materials such as: shrouds or biodegradable caskets and urns. Why would a person select to be buried in such a manner, you ask? A green burial offers many positive affect upon the environment when compared to traditional burial methods. I would like to begin by saying that I do not consider any end-of-life method to be considered â€Å"wrong.† I only wish to advocate an alternative option to decrease to carbon footprint of our last act in the world. The act of embalming a loved on often includes the usage a chemical called formaldehyde. Formaldehyde poses a major threat to funeral directors and their funeral homes. In accordance to the National Cancer Institution, â€Å"funeral directors have a much higher incidence of myeloid leukemia.† Although embalming fluid does preserve the physical characteristic of a loved one, but after months in the grave the embalming fluid drastically decrease the decomposition rate of the body. Again I don’t wish to discredit any other form of burial. Green burials offer many positive aspects t hat aid the earth. Why should someone choose to have a green burial? Earth has  always intend to humans to return to the soil from which they came. In nature, nothing is wasted. Everything is recycled by billion upon trillions of tiny microorganisms that break down all waste matter. Natural burials also aid in the growth of native trees, wildflowers, and shrubs. These wild plants will bring about a whole new eco-system to the burial area that both plants and animals will benefit from. There is no water wasted on these grounds or harmful pesticides and herbicides because the area is left to grow naturally. Imagine the joy of being able to remember a loved one as a new tree that provides life to millions of organisms. Green burials are an ecofriendly way to leave a positive lasting impact upon the earth. In 2007 AARP conducted a study that showed, â€Å"1 in 5 American over the age of 50 have considered having a green burial ceremony.† Green burials is just one of many end-of-life rituals practi ced all around the world. Work Cited Markoe, Lauren. â€Å"Green Burials Reflect Care for Earth, Family Finances.† Christian Century 131.4 (2014): 18-19. Academic Search Premier. Wed. 11 November 2014. Unknown. â€Å"Green Burials,†¦Return Naturally.† Green Burials,†¦Return Naturally. N.p., 17 Sept. 2008. Web. 11 Nov. 2014. Unknown. â€Å"Green Burial Council.† Green Burial Council. N.p., 18 May 2012. Web. 11 Nov. 2014.

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Managing and Leading Strategic Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Managing and Leading Strategic Change - Essay Example Literature Review Henry Mintzberg in his famous research papers has pointed out three important characteristics of strategic change management. Discussing three characteristics of strategic change management will help me to understand key driving forces like leadership, learning and communication for change process. This discussion will create a link between academic theories with leadership issues in P&G during their change management process. Strategic Management versus Strategic Thinking Organizations use strategic management to operate business and control functional aspects of various departments while leaders’ use strategic thinking is synthesizing root maps to achieve organizational objectives. Strategic thinking played vital role for change process in P&G. Strategic Management Requires New Initiatives Leaders planning for strategic management need to think out of the box in order to incorporate breakthrough change. Informal learning should be encouraged in order to ach ieve sustainable change management. Research scholars have found that rearranging older concepts in order to accomplish change management often produces failure due to dynamic nature of strategic management. P&G had successfully used the concept of informal learning to accomplish the required change business model. Fallacy of Detachment Senior managers often fail to detect key issues of strategic change management due to various reasons such as complete detachment with employees of the organization, lack of communication with subordinates (Mintzberg, 1994). P&G had successfully mitigated the probability of detachment in order to achieve objective of change management. In accordance to research scholars strategic change management actually... From the discussion it is clear that organizations use strategic management to operate business and control functional aspects of various departments while leaders’ use strategic thinking is synthesizing root maps to achieve organizational objectives. Strategic thinking played vital role for change process in P&G.This paper discusses that leaders planning for strategic management need to think out of the box in order to incorporate breakthrough change. Informal learning should be encouraged in order to achieve sustainable change management. Research scholars have found that rearranging older concepts in order to accomplish change management often produces failure due to dynamic nature of strategic management. P&G had successfully used the concept of informal learning to accomplish the required change business model. Senior managers often fail to detect key issues of strategic change management due to various reasons such as complete detachment with employees of the organizatio n, lack of communication with subordinates. P&G had successfully mitigated the probability of detachment in order to achieve objective of change management.  Many organisations have achieved successful strategic change management due to leadership quality. The concept of strategic change management is multi dimensional in terms of organizational impact, variation of objective, dynamics of leadership and other management issues.

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Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Project - Essay Example otential target of these fraudsters who indulge in spreading computer viruses, identity theft, phishing for information and data and several other forms of electronic crimes. This has necessitated the internet users to safeguard the data stored in their computers by installing anti spyware and anti virus software for protecting their valuable information and data. However it is to be noted that technology solutions alone can not act to protect the information and data. Arthur Wong (2004) observes, â€Å"Education and awareness of the individual, whether in the largest multinational corporation, small business or the home user, is critical. Security is more than just installing a piece of software it is using best practices, updating your antivirus, and practicing safe and secure computing† With this background, this project studies the problem of spyware and viruses and presents a report on the issue of spyware and viruses and their impact on the security of the information stored. The paper also discusses the possible future dimensions of the protection through anti spyware and anti virus software. The project is to create awareness among the community of a University about the adverse effects of spyware and viruses on the information and data stored by the administration, staff, faculty and students of the University, as most of the users in the particular University have not considered the security of data on their computers important. In the process of creating this awareness the project describes the various ways in which the spyware and viruses can enter the data bases of the different users and the potential harm it may create to the information and data stored in the respective computers. The project also reports on the ways in which the information and data can be protected from the impact of such spyware and viruses. The major purpose of this project is to identify the relevance of the security of the electronic information to the users. The other

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Boys and Girls by Alice Munro Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Boys and Girls by Alice Munro - Essay Example In â€Å"Boys and Girls†, the author highlights the story of a young girl, who had greater concern for her favorite horses, in the first person narrative. The girl, though very young, helped her father in his farming work mainly by caring for the horses. The internal conflicts of the girls start when he father decides to kill the old horse to feed his foxes. In an attempt to save the horse from death, she lets it free and waits fearfully for her father’s response on finding that she was the culprit behind the escape of the horse. The story develops from there with her little brother’s enthusiasm to get the horse chased back home with the help of a hired hunter. Most parts of the book represent the author’s concern over the societies that undermine the roles of women in active social life. As Martin comments, â€Å"it is not a funny story, but in fact, a poignant comedy† (45). In a situation of the story, when her brother tells everyone during a dinn er that the girl was the reason behind the missing of the horse, her father replies by saying â€Å"Never mind, she’s only a girl†. ... The siblings were given a room to share in the home with a number of safety instructions from their father. As Hooper reflects, â€Å"Boys and Girls returns readers to an already familiar Munro place where mother’s sphere of things is boring and repressive†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (12). The author expresses the ways in which boys enjoyed more social freedom than girls in a family. Girls had to fear almost all factors ranging from darkness to strangers in her time. When the decision making was a question before their life, it was always a conflicting situation between the prospects of parental approval and social acceptance. As Munro writes, even when she had to see the way her father shot the horse with the help of his farm hand, she only told her brother â€Å"Now, you have seen how they shoot a horse.† This expression shows the acquired numbness of the author from the experiences of her childhood in which she used to witness her father engaging in the trade of animal husbandry that involved killing of animals for money. In another context when her father says to her mother with a blood stained appearance that he had shot old Flora, the mare, her mother replied saying â€Å"Well, I don’t want to hear about it, and don’t come to my table like that.† This expression sounds the general disagreement among women with the ‘killing business’. While focusing more on the protagonist, the author can be seen to have given little significance to her name – to a great extent, it may be because of the influences of her own childhood experiences of low self esteem forced by the over preference prevailed in common families of her society. In the story, the girl is critically disregarded by her family members after the birth of her brother. She was treated

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Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse - Research Paper Example One of the essential research parts of Tamera is the environmental restoration of a nation and the self-sufficiency of a larger society with healthy food on the basis of  Ã‚   assistance with all beings of the environment. Since 2007, the people of Tamera region have been working in the company of the perm culture specialists and the mountain farmer on this basis, constructing a widespread and diverse water landscape (Holzer, & Mà ¼ller, 1). A representation plan for landscape healing is being made that presents a real ecological way out for many regions of the globe: making a water landscape can undo a beginning desertification of a landscape. An intellectual water management is the best central aspect of it. This is attained with the building of decentralized, joined water preservation spaces; situated in the basins of a landscape - that are prepared out of natural construction equipments and harvest, store and control rain water in the soil or body of earth. In the subsequent y ears, Tamera inhabitants plan to construct a smallest amount of ten more preservation spaces in Tamera to be in a position to store or keep the winter rain. Therefore, the neighboring body of earth will be in a position to permanently refill with water. This is the only technique to make the greening and reforestation o f the landscape probable. The worldwide shortage of water, desertification, the food crisis, overflows all over the globe and huge fires are not natural disasters but the consequence of water negligence. The technological and ecological knowledge of how to provide all inhabitants on the globe with high quality water, with enough food and with sustainable energy is at present available.In Tamera, a water preservation landscape, constructed with natural substances, is in the process of being developed with the aid of the creative Perm culture professional called Sepp Holzer (Holzer, & Mà ¼ller, 1). The water preservation landscape harvests and stores rainwater, gives it duration to go under into the soil, therefore, regulating the entire water cycle. This in the long land prevents deforestation.In comparison   to the above given instances, Water Retention Landscapes can smoothen the progress of complete change by restoring the water cycles that can in nature supply fresh, uncontaminated and vitalized water in large quantity, even in the globes’   dry lands. The decentralized structure of retention space assists rainwater to remain on the land and seep into the ground. Healthy ecosystems can bring back around the retention or preservation spaces, and organic agriculture needing less synthetic irrigation and assorted reforestation are enabled (Anderson, p. 45-56).   

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E-Business and Social Media as the Most Buzz Words Over the Recent Essay

E-Business and Social Media as the Most Buzz Words Over the Recent Past - Essay Example This paper illustrates that the growing importance of social media in an individual’s life can be defined simply as a way of communication. Alongside dominance in driving individual life, social media has taken the co-pilot’s position in every business flight and businesses are transforming their existence using social media power. In addition, social media is taken a priority position among the communication channels for the reason of giving access to the greater business audience without considerable investment. The estimate of the size of the audience of social media can be made as only single social media site, Facebook has population next to population of India and China. The role of social media in business is as important as in an individual’s life and with the passage of time, this has been gaining more attention. However, immense success of social media sites has gained popularity across business and individuals. This has also called for attention to exp lore the methodology that leads to the success of the E-business form of social media sites. Understanding the business model requires understanding the defining elements. Social media component of e-business has undergone considerable debate pertaining to its definition. Kaplan and Haenlein for defining various categories of social media have provided two-factor matrix as given in the paper. There has been a debate on what the definition of social media is over the years. However, since businesses are concerned with benefits from the social media irrespective of its technical definitions, Hansen, Shneiderman, and Smith have declared social media as any medium that provides connectivity to the community for interaction. In addition to this connectivity, social media also facilitates the functions of creating, finding, sharing and evaluating the mass information available across social and other web channels. Social media form has many dimensions that can be accredited for being the reason for success behind the understudy business model.

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College tuition pricing and the drive behind it Research Paper

College tuition pricing and the drive behind it - Research Paper Example Government is encouraging private participation in educational sector as part of the liberalization policies. Private companies are utilizing this opportunity very well. The government has not implemented any laws to regulate the tuition fees hike in the higher educational sector. Private companies are thus exploiting the student community. This paper analyses the college tuition pricing and the drive behind it Contents 12 Introduction The importance of education in shaping the future of a nation is well documented by many scholars in the past. It should be noted that America is currently struggling to find enough manpower to cater the needs of the organizations. Plenty of expatriates are currently working in critical positions in America. Moreover, a substantial portion of American jobs are currently outsourced or offshored to overseas countries because of the shortage of skilled manpower in the country. It is believed that the quality of American education is diminishing as time go es on because of the reluctance of the governments in interfering in this sector meaningfully. Even though Obama and Bush have implemented some programs such as Raise to the Top and No Child Left Behind, as a solve the problems in American educational sector, none of these programs seem to be yielding the desired result. Rising tuition cost is one of the major problems facing by the American students. Even though students in the elite class may not face much problems with respect to the tuition price hike, students from the ordinary class forced to give up their ambitions about higher education. In 1987, then U.S. secretary of education William Bennett authored an op-ed piece in The New York Times titled â€Å"Our Greedy Colleges.† In the piece, Bennett complained about a comment made by Benno C. Schmidt Jr., then the president of Yale University (CT), who had blamed Yale’s tuition hike on cutbacks in federal financial aid. Bennett responded by writing, â€Å"If anyth ing, increases in financial aid in recent years have enabled colleges and universities blithely to raise their tuitions, confident that Federal loan subsidies would help cushion the increase. The theory behind Bennett’s assertion is relatively simple: The availability of federal loans—particularly subsidized loans offering a below-market interest rate and payment of interest as long as the student is enrolled in school—provides â€Å"cover† for colleges to raise their prices, because students can offset a price increase, or at least a portion of that increase, with federal loans (Heller, 2013, p.1). America seems to be implementing the theory of Survival of fittest (developed by Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer in order to explain the evolution theory and economic theory) in higher educational sector. This theory is relevant while explaining the problems related to raising tuition fees in American higher educational sector. In a civilized society like o urs, it is impossible to justify educational policies like helping only the fittest, with the help of theories like Survival of fittest. Every human has some natural rights and the right to get education is one among them. Government should never stay away from executing it’s duties under any circumstances. In ancient Roman Kingdom, parents were forced to kill unhealthy children because of the instructions from the King.

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Representation of Urban Culture in the Literary Works of Anzia Essay

Representation of Urban Culture in the Literary Works of Anzia Yezierska and Carl Sandburg - Essay Example In her fifty-year writing career, the major theme of organizing throughout her mechanism is the cost of acculturation and incorporation among refugees. Her stories offer nearby into the meaning of emancipation for refugees' mainly Jewish immigrant women. Many of her works of narrative can be branded semi autobiographical. In her writing, she illustrates a lot on her personal life as a migrant in New York's Lower East Side. Her works, therefore, trait elements of realism with serious notice to aspect and skilful utilization of Yiddish-English dialect. At the same time, sentimentalism and extremely romanticized typescript have encouraged some detractors to label her works as romantic. In All I Could Never Be and Red Ribbon on a White Horse, Yezierska figured out their love as an ideal amalgamation of two cultures that verifies disillusioning. This story of the Gentile tutor and suitor happened to an example that persisted throughout her works, as Yezierska inspected the alteration of imaginative migration women from greenhorns to Americans. The achievements of Anzia Yezierska early short stories led to a succinct, but noteworthy, relationship between the novelist and Hollywood. Movie maker Samuel Goldwyn acquired the rights to Yezierska's collection Hungry Hearts. The film was shot on site at New York's Lower East Side. ... In 2006, an original attain was collected to escort the film. Yezierska 1923 novel, Salome of the Tenements" was too shaped as a still picture. Although Yezierska own semi-autobiographical occupation had donated to this rags-to-riches picture, she found herself scratchy with person touted as a case of the American Dream. Irritated by the triviality of Hollywood and by her possess estrangement from her extraction, Yezierska arrived to New York in the mid-1920s and sustained publishing novels and stories. Carl Sandburg He was an American poet, historian, and author. He was born in Galesburg his parents were Swedish. He lived in the Midwest, primarily Chicago, in Flat Rock, North Carolina. He lived there with his wife and children's until his death that was in 1967. To a great extent of Sandburg's poetry fixed on Chicago, and he was a foremost figure in the group of writers belonging to this city who shaped the fictional association called the Chicago Renaissance. His well-known portrayal of the city is as Hog Butcher intended for the World/Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat/Player among Railroads and the Nation's Freight Handler, /Stormy, Husky, Brawling, and City of the Big Shoulders. In 1916 Sandburg had his first real experience of sensation as a poet with the publication of his first openly applauded volume, Chicago Poems, of which the title poem, "Chicago," fascinated popular attention In the poem, he portray the city as "stormy, husky, brawling a curved brutal place. He portrayed the people of the city with a cruel realism: prostitutes, gangsters, browbeaten factory labours and their families ravenous on low wages. Sandburg's Chicago, though, for all its unevenness and brutality was alive brawny cunning.

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Parent and Child Relationships Essay Example for Free

Parent and Child Relationships Essay â€Å"I Am Sam† is a powerfully touching film that tells the story of a parent and child’s love for one another. It shows that love is pure, and that no matter how great the mind is, love is even greater. The film’s protagonist is Sam, a mentally-challenged adult with a mental age of 7. Sam has a daughter, Lucy, with a prostitute who left them. Sam works at the local Starbucks to support Lucy, and everything is going along well until Lucy turned 7, because she already surpassed her father’s mental abilities. This creates problems, because early on we see that Lucy is precocious and inquisitive, and she is no longer satisfied with her father’s nonsense answers to her questions. When she starts wanting to read more difficult books than what Sam reads to her, she fakes having difficulty reading so as not to offend her father and make him feel inferior. On Sam’s part, even when he sees that Lucy is already growing up, he tries his best to support her the best way he knows how. Lucy does not see this yet because she is still a child, but she understands that her father is different, but she loves him because he is a very loving father who takes her out to the park and to eat pancakes and generally takes good care of her. Later in the film she is embarrassed when her classmates tease her that her father is a retard that she denies him and tells them that she is adopted. The authorities take her away from Sam, and later on sent to a foster home. When the authorities take Lucy away from him, he does everything he could to get her back. He even gets the fearsome lawyer Rita to help his cause. Rita, a successful and stringent lawyer who values winning more than anything, decides to take Sam’s case just to prove that she is not as selfish as she looks. Through the course of helping Sam, she realizes that Sam is a good father, that Sam’s mental inadequacy has not hampered his ability to love and care for his daughter at all. That in fact, he is a better parent than she is. When at first she sought to win Sam’s case because she did not want to lose, eventually Rita sympathizes with Sam’s cause. Sam visits Lucy regularly, and Lucy realizes that she wants her father back, and that she is going to fight back just to be with him, even if she is smarter than him, even if the world laughs at her for having a retard for a father. At this moment, Lucy has matured, and although she is just 7, she has taken responsibility not only of her own actions, but also decided that she will take care of her father when he could no longer take care of her, that she needs to be smart and capable and strong for the both of them. She saw just how much her father loves her and how he does not give up on her even when she denied him. However, even with Rita’s help, Sam loses the custody battle at court. Sam breaks down as he is convinced that he cannot take care of his own daughter. All this time, he was doing everything he could, enlisting the help of his friends and employers and colleagues to prove that he has what it takes to raise his daughter, but he finally accepts the fact that he is mentally inadequate to give her needs. If he really loves his daughter, he would do what is best for her even if it means letting go of her so that she could be the best that she could be. And Sam does that. He accepts that he cannot take care of Lucy, but even when he concedes, he does not give up on being a father to her. He moves in to an apartment just to be nearer to Lucy, so that even if he cannot raise her at least he could be there for her whenever she needed him, and so that he could watch her grow up. Lucy is hurt that she cannot be with her father, but she takes matters on her own hands, Late at night she sneaks out of her foster home to be with her father. Her foster parents find her out, and she does not deny that she longs to be with her father, even if they think that they can be better parents than him. Eventually, the foster parents let her go back to Sam, for Sam to have custody of her. The film tells us that love is great driving force that cannot be measured by financial success, or by intellectual achievements. Society may look at Sam as a retarded, inadequate man, but he fought for his daughter against all odds, when Lucy’s own mother simply walked out and left them. Lucy was smarter than Sam, but she learned about love from her father because he showered her with it. That is why even when she was presented with a better future with a â€Å"better† set of parents, she still chooses to go back to Sam, because she knows that her father loves her and she loves him. At the end, the film teaches us what a parent can give best to his child, and what a child needs most from a parent – love. And that is something that cannot be bought or substituted with material things, because children will always know if their parents have shown them enough love.

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Managing Room Division in Hospitality

Managing Room Division in Hospitality 1.0 Introduction: Room divisions is the heart of any hotel as it is the most revenue generating department in the hotel (Chon Sparrowe, 1995). Room division comprises of front office, housekeeping, Maintenance and security. This all department work in hand in hand for the smooth functioning of the organization. several components in room division contribute to having a profitable hotel. The main focus of the hotel is a revenue goal in which the majority revenue comes from selling of rooms. Especially the front desk agent, housekeeping are heros in the room division department as they can lead to better customer service and higher revenues for the hotel. 2.0 Room Division Supervisory Function: Room division is a combination of front office, housekeeping, Maintenance and the security. There-fore the room division supervisor should have the experience in all this department and should have the skill required for this job. He should be able to communicate with all these department to carry out the day to day activities. Albona (Jan 2008) stated that training of staff in the workplace is vital. As a supervisor, he need to take a proactive approach to training and developing the employees and not being reactive. Reactive means that we train the employees when there is an emergency or when we are forced to. Thinking it through making a good plan, a good place to start are based on the annual goals and objective for our organization and for our department and starting from that point you have a good plan and vision and you could see well if this is going to happen. Formulating a training plan that is proactive when looking at skill to develop also we want to look at both hard and soft skills. how they communicate with us and others, this are becoming more and more crucial especially as we develop or want to develop more teamwork because team work requires people to be able to work together to grow to solve problems together and the more that they interact more we allow them to make decisions. Marketplace is becoming competitive so we could be competing globally, nationally or locally but having a better develop work force a better trained workforce gives us that competitive advantage (Lenehan, 2000). Proper training should be provided to the staff to work efficiently and smoothly and they know about the work place safety and procedures. It is the duty of the room division supervisor to conduct training programs frequently as training is considered to be an ongoing process. He should develop guidelines and the standard procedures to carry out the plans. Controlling the cost is one of the major responsibility as this department has the largest staff employed. Employees should be crossed train in order to overcome any inadequacies. He should create plans to maximize the average daily rate and the percentage. Handling customer complaints is important because the quality and style of service is a major factor in providing an enjoyable, relaxing and satisfying experience for the guest. He must be up to date with the events taking place in the market, in market segments, and in the competition Maintenance, decoration and furnishing: As most of the rooms are sold 365 nights a year, they need regular attention and inspected by the supervisor. Freshing up and refurbishment is required on a regular basis. This may mean that rooms are decorated, painted and refurnished by a regular team of people or contractors. Maintenance team under the supervision of room division supervisor will make sure all the structural problems are dealt with swiftly and efficiently and that all the equipment and machinery are working well. 3.0 Cost control and the necessary resources for room division In response to Learning Outcome of cost control and the necessary resources for room division, the author has learnt number of cost control method used in the room division department new ideas developed and learned which lead to green practices and sustainability which can indirectly lead to cost control. The following practices are followed in the room division to cut down the cast which can add up to profit for the organization 3.1 Labor cost: Room division is the department where large numbers of staff are required. Labor cost can make huge impact on the overall profit of the organization (Rees, 1974). Managers need to manage the staff based on the forecast report. Managers are looking to improve the effectiveness of the management of the labor, the time management making sure that we had the right amount of people, the right shifts, making sure the minutes per room were being done. Labor management tool helps managers to schedule right amount of people for the required day thus saving labor cost by overstaffing. Cross training of employees is other way of cost control where same employee can be trained to get the desired skill in different section and can be used whenever needed 3.2 REUSE OF LINENS TOWELS Many properties have adopted a more environmentally friendly linen change policy to avoid the wastage practice washing on a daily basis. Although there is no common standard linen change policy in most cases bed linens can be replaced every two or three days and of course when soiled to ensure the program operates smoothly. The head housekeeper must keep control to indicate room list which bed require full linen change. A simple alternative to two day linen change program is the top to bottom method in which the bottom sheet covering the mattress is removed and replaced by the top sheet and then new bedsheet is used as a top sheet to finish making the bed Accommodation unit often change guest room towels every day and it consume large amount of water, energy and the detergents for washing towels and linen that have been used only once. Partly as a result of the growing environment awareness and concern shown by tourist and tour operators many accommodation units have implemented a towel reuse program which is explained to gust via a simple text card. This program invites guest to use their towel for more than one day, instead of having them replaced. By using this there simple techniques a large amount of money can be saved which is required for cleaning of this linens and towels. 3.3 Energy efficient appliances: Lighting in accommodation units can account up to 25 percent of their total electricity consumption. How- ever energy efficient lamps can be used to save energy and reduce cost (Adelaar Rath, 1997). This lamps consume 75 percent less energy and last eight to ten times longer than tungsten light bulbs as they are cost effective lighting options. Motion sensor light can be installed outdoors as it saves lots of energy that often remain unoccupied for a long period of time. It is not just light other electrical equipment can be controlled by timing devices to ensure they only run when necessary. Jacuzzi pumps can be controlled by electronic or windup timers to ensure they switch off after an appropriate time. The housekeeping staff should be trained to turn off the lights and appliances when not required. 4.0 Safety security measures practiced in room divisions including risk assessment external threats: When we talked about hotels problem first in mind come safety second security. Everyone wants to be secure but no want to face security. The management ensure safety in several areas by installing sign, training, cctv cameras and other installation. This is followed by health safety and non-toxic cleaning material. Various safety and security measured were learned by the author to make it a safe and protected place for the guests. Housekeeping and front office are the important and responsible position in any hotel or motel. It takes a lot of hard work to meet the schedules but that what the business is all about providing service to the guests. Hotels are required to ensure guest safety. However, must exercise reasonable care of guest and employee safety. Safety of guests and security of the hotel is the duty of every employee, supervisor and manager of the hotel. Hotel provides training on the safety of employee which provide them adequate training to ensure the safety of guests, fire safety and work environment. Employees are trained in such a way that they can respond to emergencies. The safety and security of employees should be the first priority, a proper orientation is required in housekeeping department as this is the place where employees are in contact with chemicals, electrical machines, mounting ladders and unhealthy positions can damage the health of the employees (Kappa et al, 1997). video recor der can be used to record activities at the reception, the car park and nearby surroundings. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) are installed on a property at several points where management wants to monitor activity at each entrance. Internal alarms are the Server to determine criminal activity. It can Report an area within the hotel if the alarm is activated, protecting storage areas, hotel facilities (pool, spa and exercise area) and the hotel and nearby surrounding. Recodable locks can reduce the possibility that guests are victims in their rooms by someone who had rented the same room one night before, helping to reduce employee theft incident room (Rushmore Malone, 1998) External threats can be in the form of cash robber, theft, and terrorist attack. Robbery of Cash is not the time to try to protect cash resources. Protecting the staff at such time should be the first priority. At the time of robbery employee should observe the theft and his moves and should follow whatever they say. If the contact alarms are not installed, employee should contact the police or the local authority and report the same to the concern person on duty to take immediate actions. hotels attempt to generate an environment which is welcoming as well as secure against various manifestations of criminality (Gill et al 2002). Hotels are often the key targets of terrorist. Suspicious activities of visitor or the employees should be reported to the supervisor, security department or a designated staff member (Stafford et al 2002). The cleaning staff is trained to report doubtful items, drugs and excess liquidity that are found in the room. Today hotel uses different security techn ology and security system to protect the guests. It is the priority of the hotel and hotel employees to make the guest feel safe as they would feel in their homes. 5.0 Conclusion: Managing room division is an applied unit and the author was required to applied rooms division experience comprising of hours in both housekeeping and front office department. All hours were predominantly held at the Sydney campus with some in Leura campus experiences. The campus created exceptional applied environments at the front office and the housekeeping demo lab. This environment set the seam for what it is like to be in the industry. Room division is an effective part of operation of a hotel and resort. The applied training received from the enthusiastic trainer from both operational area prepared the author for the industry. I learned about the role of room division, work health and safety, guest satisfaction, emerging technologies and worked on the opera property management system. I experienced lecture, workshops and tutorials activities in the applied learning how to check in and check out. We learn about the sequence to cleaning a room and how laundry operates to effici ently make the daily demands. We were introduced to terminology used in the industry 6.0 References: Adelaar, M and Rath, A (1997) Energy efficiency and tourism: focus on the Caribbean A discussion  paper, Roundable on energy efficiency tourism sector, Kingston, Jamaica, December9-11, 1997,, as accessed 2.10.2000 Albino, M., 5th Jan 2008, How important is staff training? Retrieval on 9th Sep 2008 at Gill, M., Moon, C., Seaman, P. and Turbin, V. (2002). Security management and crime in hotels.  International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 14(2), 58 64 Jaswinder S (2014) International Journal of Management and Commerce Innovations. Vol. 2, Issue 2,  pp: (1-5), Month: October 2014 March 2015, Available at: Lenehan, T. (2000). A study of management practices and competences within effective organizations in   the Irish tourism industry. The Service Industries Journal, 20(3), pp. 19-42 Rees, Albert. 1974. An overview of the labor-supply results. Journal of Human Resources 9: 97-100. Rushmore S., Malone C. (1998). Keys and hotel security. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant  Administration Quarterly, December, 9195 Rutherford, 2007, hotel management and operations, 4th edition, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., Hoboken,  New Jersey Chon, K.S. Sparrowe, R.T. (1995). Welcome to hospitality: An introduction. South-Western  Publishing Co. Stafford, G., Yu, L. and Armoo, A.K. (2002). Crisis management and recovery: How Washington D.C.   hotels responded to terrorism. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 43(27), 27- 40.

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Not All Access is Created Equal Essay -- Definition Technology Essays

Not All Access is Created Equal Access n. 1) the ability, right or permission to approach, enter, speak with or use; admittance; 2) the state or quality of being approachable; 3) a ways or means of approach; ~ v. 9) to make contact with or gain access to; to be able to reach, approach, enter; 10) Computers. to locate (data) for transfer from one part of a computer system to another, generally between an external storage device and main storage Random House Dictionary of the English Language, 2nd Edition Unabridged Language is a continuum. New words enter any given language upon contact with other cultures. Language is not static. It expands and contracts to allow or disallow change. The above excerpted definitions are reflective of what â€Å"access† can mean when this second edition of the dictionary was published in 1987. The first edition published in 1966 did not include the definition designated in number ten dealing with the technology arising in our computer age. Even that 1987 definition of computer access is outdated. However, we can derive from the preceding explanations a comfortable basis for determining what â€Å"access† means to computing technology in schools, the workplace and at home. Access, to those of us who use computers, means that we have a tool making communication and work tasks easier. Access, by implication, means to many of us that anyone has the ability to acquire the same information or perform the same tasks based on the availability of c omputers within a school or workplace or home. Accepting this notion is of course absurd. Not only does the definition of a word change, but the environment in which it exists is also in flux. Access does not ever the mean the desired object is avai... ...l in the hands of the educators. We become adept at manipulating the materials and the technology we have on hand to create the most productive and stimulating and thought-provoking exercises possible. We can bemoan our lack of access or simply use the technology we have. But I contend that access still has its ups and downs. Sometimes because information links and word processing are so accessible we become desensitized to the personal and emotional act of communication. We have traded hands-on-experiences for virtual reality – handwritten letters for abbreviated emails – summer games of kick the can for solitaire on a green screen. The world has shrunk because of technological advances so that we know more about cultures around the globe while at the same time we have surrounded ourselves with machines that help us maintain personal distance and anonymity.

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Becoming a CPA Essay -- Essays Papers

Becoming a CPA Becoming A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) What is a CPA? These three letters mean that you have received a broad-based education. They mean you have passed all parts of a very difficult exam. They mean you have the knowledge, skills and abilities to be a trusted business advisor to your clients or employer. They mean you feel comfortable with the latest technology. They mean you are an ethical individual who can provide an independent analysis. CPA’s are many things. They are chief financial officers for Fortune 500 companies and advisors to small neighborhood businesses. They work for large and small public accounting firms. They are well-respected strategic business advisors and decision-makers. They act as consultants on many issues, including taxes and accounting. To become a CPA you need to meet the requirements of the state or jurisdiction in which you wish to practice. These requirements, which vary from state to state, are established by law and administered by the state boards of accountancy. To qualify for certification, you must: ï‚ · Complete a program of study in accounting at a college/university. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) recommends at least 150 semester hours to obtain the common body of knowledge for becoming a CPA. ï‚ · Pass the Uniform CPA Examination, which is developed and graded by the AICPA. ï‚ · Have professional work experience in public accounting. The Uniform CPA Exam is a prerequisite for the CPA certificate because it is the primary way Boards of Accountancy measure the competence of CPA candidates. Boards of Accountancy also rely on additional means to ensure that a candidate has the necessary technical abilities and character attributes to become a CPA. These may include interviews, letters of reference, investigation of educational background, and affidavits of employment. In addition, some boards of accountancy administer an ethics examination to assess a candidate’s knowledge of the rules of professional conduct. The Board of Examiners of the AICPA, is responsible for preparing the Uniform CPA Examinations and for operating the Advisory Grading Service, both adopted by the boards of accountancy in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Examination is give... ...s the economy grows the number of business establishments increases requiring more accountants and auditors to set up their financial, technological and internal control systems, provide tax preparation and planning assistance, as well as management consulting advice and other business advisory services. The volume and complexity of financial and non-financial information will continue to expand, requiring the knowledge of accountants and auditors to interpret and analyze the data and participate in the decision making process. Becoming proficient in the latest accounting and budgeting software packages and keeping abreast of new technologies is critical to the accounting professional’s success. Bibliography: American Institute for Certified Public Accountants (2000). Available: Blensly, D.L., and Plank, T.M. (1989). Accounting Desk Book, (9th ed.) Meigs, W.B. and R.F. (1989), Accounting: The Basis for Business Decisions, (8th ed.) Rink & Robinson’s CPA’s (1998). Certified Public Accountants & Consultants. Available: Robert Half and Accountemps Salary Guide (1999). Available:

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Anne Of Green Gables †Essay Essay

Anne Of Green Gables is a work of children’s literature written by Lucy Maud Montgomery and was first published in 1908. The social and cultural understanding of children depicted during the period in which this novel is set differs greatly from the understandings and expectations of children in today’s society. In the novel Anne Of Green Gables, children are depicted as more of a possession to be moulded by their families, children were expected to act ‘respectably’ and ‘sensibly’ even from an early age and to listen to and show respect to their elders, which differs from today’s society where children are allowed to play and any inappropriate behaviour can be chalked up to ‘kids being kids’. There are still some similarities to today’s cultural understanding of children and those displayed in the book. For example, in Anne Of Green Gables the importance of schooling and education is one of the key elements and this is also recognised in today’s society as being a vital aspect of a child’s upbringing. Another difference in cultural understanding is the aspect of a child’s part in the family, particularly orphans. In the time the novel is set, orphans are down cast and regarded virtually as ‘slaves’. However, not only orphans played different roles in the family, all children were expected to do more housework and contribute more constructively to the running of a household than what is expected in today’s society. Anne Of Green Gables also shows the slightly sexist stereotypes of male and female roles in the family and the behaviour expected of both of them. This essay explores all of the above points, and provides commentary from both a literary and historical point of view. Within the work of children’s literature Anne Of Green Gables the importance of a child’s schooling is clearly evident. This is first seen when Marilla Cuthbert, not even having ‘officially’ adopted Anne Shirley yet merely placing her on ‘trial’ decides to send her to school. Even though Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert have not yet adopted Anne, she still sees fit to give her even some education. Renaissance humanist, Desiderius Erasmus â€Å"placed considerable emphasis on an early education, directly attacking those who ‘out of a false spirit of tenderness and compassion allow children to be pampered by their dear mothers and spoiled by their nurses†(Cunningham, 43). This train of thought is carried throughout to today’s society but in a slightly different fashion. Emphasis is still placed on a good early education through pre-school and other such programs in order to give children the earliest possible learning possibilities. The importance of a child attending school can also be seen on a social level. Anne, after having arrived on Prince Edward Island, has little or no friends and is socially unaware of what is acceptable and what is not. This could be due mainly to her tragic upbringing after the death of her parents. However, after attending school she is exposed to a new level of social etiquette she has not been exposed to in her past. This leads to her creating a â€Å"bosom friend† in Diana Barry. The novel also endeavours to show us the importance of doing well in schooling and that â€Å"although school and the outside world differ from each other, they belong together†(Quigly, 45). Anne is tied for the top of her class and as a result gains acceptance with a once sceptical and at times harsh community, especially in regards to Miss Rachel Lynde who was outraged when Marilla told her of her decision to adopt an orphan. We also see the pride Marilla has for Anne, although this can not be contributed entirely to her schooling endeavours. We can see that this plays a large part especially when she passes the entrance exam to Queen’s College. The way children were treated and expectations placed upon them in Anne Of Green Gables also differ from today’s society, children were seen as more of a possession to â€Å"be moulded like wax whilst its soft†(Cunningham, 43). From an early age children were expected to act respectfully and sensibly and it was expected that they would contribute constructively to the up keeping of the household showing the treatment of â€Å"children to be autocratic†(Hendrick, 1). The novel also shows us the difference between orphan children and non-orphan children, we are shown the down-cast class status orphans have within the community and Ms Lynde portrays this perfectly telling Marilla stories of orphans murdering their adoptive parents showing the naivety and willingness to believe that a child brought up with no parents had not been ‘moulded’, and therefore was dangerous. This coupled with the influence Miss Lynde has on Marilla causes Marilla to come to the decision to put Anne on trial but â€Å"when Anne is first made aware that she came to Green Gables by mistake, she knows that she is, in a sense, on trial and may not remain there. She decides not to go outdoors because that will only increase her love for the place and cause her to miss it all the more if she must leave.† (Sullivan). This shows how quickly people will judge especially when influenced by others. This influence is made more apparent as Anne is just a child and the consideration of what is best for her is not really considered. We see Anne as a dreamer when we are first introduced to her she escapes into her own fantasy’s through books and escapes the torment of her past and what she believes her terrible future by making friend with her reflection in the glass, â€Å"the image in which Anne may find refuge from the wounds of fragmentation, and postpone her inevitable confrontation with her alienated representation† (Slater). However, it is not until she is introduced to other children that we see the true extent her isolation has had on her social behaviour. She has little understanding of social behaviour and etiquette and how to handle challenging social situations. For example, loosing her temper when Gilbert Blythe is rude to her or when Miss Lynde insults her and Anne explodes at her. These examples show that Anne’s lack of social exposure has lead her to be unable to handle tough social circumstances and can not control her temper. Seeing Anne transform from childhood to adulthood is a perfect example of how children can be moulded by their families. Through Marilla’s actions and influence Anne is moulded into the lady she becomes. Throughout the novel we can see aspects of Marilla’s personality and behaviours mirrored in Anne. Anne goes from being naive and short tempered to becoming a strong minded, learned girl much like Marilla, in addition to this Anne chooses her friends much like Marilla who has a close group of female friend â€Å"Anne chooses kinship in a similar arbitrary and heterogeneous fashion†(Marcuse,164) showing that even small parts of a child’s surrounding can have both profound and subtle effects on the child’s personality. We can see through how Anne is moulded by Marilla that â€Å"the way childhood was spent was crucial in determining the kind of adult that the child would become† (Cunningham, 41) and this is proven by the end of the novel when Anne decides to stay in Avonlea with Marilla and teach rather than go to college. Anne Of Green Gables also shows the rather sexist beliefs of the time. This can be seen constantly by Marilla and Anne staying home cooking, cleaning, sewing, scrubbing the floors and Marilla telling Anne on numerous occasions to ‘make sure Matthew’s dinner is ready and served on time’. This shows the contrast between the roles expected of women and men, it was the men’s task to work the fields and perform any manual labour needed and the task of the women to ensure a clean house and dinner for the man. However, we can also see some contrast to this idea in the fact that femineity and masculinity have a very fine line in this book, in the case of Anne and Marilla at any rate, we can see that Anne and Marilla show many traits of Masculinity that are displayed in the novel they are both extremely strong willed and whilst Marilla seems submissive at times ignoring her feelings in order to maintain her friends Anne will speak her mind and thinks before acting, she is very strong willed. We can see this contrasted with the Barry’s beliefs, Diana Barry is not allowed to attend special after classes for students wishing to attend Queen’s. We can assume that this would be due to the typical belief that women should care for their husbands and Diana would be trained as a housewife instead, this shows that â€Å"major differences thus exist between children according to were they live their social class gender and ethnicity† (Gittins, 36). The Barry’s decision is in direct contrast to that of Marilla’s. Marilla encourages Anne to attend special classes and wants the best life and education for her. Marilla is not married, and believes that a girl should know how to fend for herself. Such beliefs wouldn’t be common during those times. Anne Of Green Gables shows us the contrast between modern beliefs and beliefs during the period the novel is set in. We see particularly strong differences in the way female and male roles are portrayed, and in addition to this the roles depicted in the novel have a sexist connotation about them that would not be seen in today’s culture. We also see the difference in class culture and the expectation of orphans and the stereotype they are labelled with. Anne Of Green Gables highlights this fact and reminds us that no matter what a child’s background, it is their eventual upbringing and early education that will determine their future, the surrounding and environment a child is exposed to will determine the eventual outcome of a child’s personality and decisions no matter how obvious or subtle these influences may be, a major part of this surrounding is the exposure to education and schooling and it is because of this point the book manages to effectively highlight the importance of schooling not just on an educational level but also on a social one and the effects it can have on a child’s personality and beliefs. The belief that schooling is a vital part of a child’s upbringing are still held in today’s society and although Anne Of Green Gables was written over a century ago, the messages contained within still hold value in today’s society.

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Development Plan Reflection Essay

Whilst reading various sources on the importance of reflecting after an experience I came across some wise words, that of Aitchison and Graham cited in Stoobants et al (2007:30) that say, â€Å"We do not learn from experience. Experience has to be arrested, examined, analysed, considered and negotiated in order to shift it to knowledge†. With these words in mind I began to see why it is important to reflect on my first MBA assignment. I see the MBA course as a learning journey, it is through reflecting on my past experiences that I will easily identify my strengths and weaknesses and thus easily identify areas that I should concentrate on developing during my MBA journey. In this assignment you will read about an experience that happened during the early stages of my career as a manager. I will analyse and discuss how this experience has led to where I am today and how it has affected my plans going forward in both my personal and working life. This was in year 2010. I was asked to act in the role of Management Accountant as my manager at that time resigned. I was then already hungry for more challenges and so I gladly accepted without hesitation as I was determined to prove that I am ready for it. Later that day it suddenly dawned on me that it was going to be challenging with the many vacancies in the team (Refer to Appendix 1 for the team structure). With this challenge in mind, I rearranged the team in order for it to work better. We embarked n the annual budget process later that year which did not go well as we did not complete the budget presentation within the stipulated timelines, did not get to analyse the critic all the numbers thoroughly and as a result the region was not ready for presenting the annual budget on time to Head Office. Post the experience below are the key things that I took out of that experience that I thought would enable me to manage teams better going forward: * Ensure that adequate training on the system is provided and requesting the business to provide more IT support people even outside of business hours during the budget process. Learn to lead and delegate and know that I cannot juggle my role and others as I can only achieve so such myself as I was doing most of the work that needed to be done by the Financial Planner: Benrose. * Seek advice from manager and not be afraid to ask for coaching. * Plan better around the timelines to take into account inexperience of some of my team members e. g. Plan a trial run presentation * Be more assertive as I realised that as a manager I could have negotiating additional resources since our headcount was lean so as not to compromise our deliverables. After having been through my first workshop at Henley, I liked Belbin (1981)’s team role model that was presented and in his book where he goes on to look at why management teams succeed or fail which I ironically discovered lying in my parents study and till now never bothered to even look at. He identifies 9 team roles in 3 categories. The action orientated people (Shapers, Implementers and Complete finishers). The thought orientated people (Co-ordinators, Teamworkers and Resource investigators). The last group are the people orientated (Specialists, Monitor evaluators (MEs) and plants). Had I applied his model to understand my team dynamics prior to starting the budget process, I would have seen that I had gaps in key roles that prevented us from completing the task on time. Please note the below roles assigned to my team members are just based on my own perception based on how I know them not based on the questionnaire that is normally completed. AFP – Implementer and Resource Investigator (She was the organiser for the team and was good at providing new knowledge or something new discovered whilst working on the new system and she would share it with the rest of the team) * FP Midrand – Plant and Resource Investigator (He was creative and generally looked at issues, he was cheerful and enthusiastic individual but was easily distracted and would want to start looking at new things without completing a task) * Me – Specialist and Monitor Evaluator. These were my top 2 roles from the results of the questionnaire I completed for my first workshop at Henley. I was a specialist in the team because I had more knowledge of the business and finance than my team. In retrospect, I would have been able to easily match the correct people with the rights tasks. I also could have put plans in place to ensure the following: * I had no shaper in the team. Belbin describes a shaper as generally someone able to drive a team and give direction – not having this I think contributed to us missing the deadline. So in requesting additional resources (e. . a temp person the business would have allowed) I could have ensured that I selected someone who is a shaper or developed more of shaper qualities in myself. * As we did not get to critically analyse the numbers prior our submission, if we had someone strong on being a completer finisher in the group chances of us submitting quality information would have been high as this role is effectively used at the end of a task, to â€Å"polish† and scrutinise the work for errors. I would definitely use this to my advantage going forward in my team tasks going forward.

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Exam 1 Study Guide

Midterm 1 Practice Questions (Acct 201 Fall 2012) 1. Retained earnings at the end of the period is equal to a. retained earnings at the beginning of the period plus net income minus liabilities. b. retained earnings at the beginning of the period plus net income minus dividends. c. net income. d. assets plus liabilities. 2. Pinson Company began the year with retained earnings of $550,000. During the year, the company recorded revenues of $600,000, expenses of $380,000, and paid dividends of $140,000. What was Pinson’s retained earnings at the end of the year? a. 910,000 b. $630,000 c. $1,010,000 d. $480,000 3. Patent would appear in which balance sheet section? a. Intangible assets b. Investments c. Property, plant, and equipment d. Current assets 4. A balance sheet shows a. revenues, liabilities, and stockholders’ equity. b. expenses, dividends, and stockholders’ equity. c. revenues, expenses, and dividends. d. assets, liabilities, and stockholders’ equit y. 5. For 2012 Fielder Corporation reported net income of $30,000; net sales $400,000; and average share outstanding 12,000. There were no preferred stock dividends.What was the 2012 earnings per share? a. $2. 33 b. $0. 40 c. $33. 33 d. $2. 50 6. Use the following data to determine the total dollar amount of assets to be classified as current assets. Koonce Office Supplies Balance Sheet December 31, 2012 Cash$ 130,000Accounts Payable$ 140,000 Prepaid Insurance60,000Salaries Payable20,000 Accounts Receivable100,000Mortgage Payable 160,000 Inventory 140,000 Total Liabilities$320,000 Land held for Investment150,000 Land180,000 Buildings$200,000Common Stock$240,000 Less AccumulatedRetained Earnings 500,000Depreciation(40,000)160,000 Total Stockholders’ Equity$740,000 Trademarks 140,000 Total Liabilities and Total Assets$1,060,000 Stockholders’ Equity$1,060,000 a. $580,000. b. $430,000. c. $360,000. d. $290,000. 7. Using the following balance sheet and income statement data , what is the total amount of working capital? Current assets$ 14,000Net income$ 24,000 Current liabilities8,000Stockholders’ equity42,000 Average assets 80,000Total liabilities18,000 Total assets 60,000 Average common shares outstanding was 10,000 a. $ 2,000 b. $14,000 . $ 4,000 d. $ 6,000 8. Stockholders’ equity is increased by a. dividends. b. revenues. c. expenses. d. liabilities. 9. McKinney Corporation had beginning retained earnings of $2,292,000 and ending retained earnings of $2,499,000. During the year they issued common stock totaling $141,000. What was their net income for the year? a. $207,000 b. $ 66,000 c. $348,000 d. $273,000 10. The purchase of an asset by paying cash a. increases assets and stockholders’ equity. b. increases assets and liabilities. c. decreases assets and increases liabilities. d. eaves total assets unchanged. 11. Which of the following accounts has a normal debit balance? a. Accounts Payable b. Prepaid Rent c. Retained Earning s d. Common Stock 12. When a company has performed a service but has not yet received payment, it a. debits accounts receivable and credits revenue from services. b. debits revenue from services and credits accounts receivable. c. debits revenue from services and credits accounts payable. d. makes no entry until the cash is received. 13. When a company receives a utility bill but will not pay it right away, it should . debit Utilities Expense and credit Accounts Receivable. b. debit Utilities Expense and credit Accounts Payable. c. debit Accounts Payable and credit Utilities Expense. d. make no entry until the bill is paid. 14. In a service-type business, revenue is considered earned: a. at the end of the month. b. at the end of the year. c. when the service is performed. d. when cash is received. 15. The following is selected information from L Corporation for the fiscal year ending October 31, 2011. Cash received from customers| $300,000| Revenue earned | 370,000|Cash paid for exp enses| 170,000| Cash paid for computers on November 1, 2010 that will be used for 3 years| 48,000| Expenses incurred including any depreciation| 216,000| Proceeds from a bank loan, part of which was used to pay for the computers| 100,000| Based on the accrual basis of accounting, what is L Corporation’s net income for the year ending October 31, 2011? a. $184,000 b. $154,000 c. $152,000 d. $170,000 16. Boyce Company purchased office supplies costing $5,000 and debited Office Supplies for the full amount.At the end of the accounting period, a physical count of office supplies revealed $1,400 still on hand. The appropriate adjusting journal entry to be made at the end of the period would be: a. debit Office Supplies Expense, $3,600; credit Office Supplies, $3,600. b. debit Office Supplies, $1,400; credit Office Supplies Expense, $1,400. c. debit Office Supplies Expense, $1,400; credit Office Supplies, $1,400. d. debit Office Supplies, $3,600; credit Office Supplies Expense, $3, 600. 17. On January 1, 2010, Leardon Inc. urchased equipment for $45,000. The company is depreciating the equipment at the rate of $600 per month. At January 31, 2010, the adjusting entry would be: in Accumulated Depreciation is: a. debit Accumulated Depreciation $600 b. credit Accumulated Depreciation $600 c. cebit Equipment $600 d. credit Depreciation Expense $600 18. The closing entry process consists of closing: a. all asset and liability accounts. b. out the Retained Earnings account. c. all permanent accounts. d. all temporary accounts.

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Religious groups in Mediterranean in 900 a. d.

The representative sample is Spain, a Mediterranean country. Mediterranean World, by and large, had gone through many inter-religious wars and convulsions, until for a change a time of greatest glory arrived in the Middle Ages. During this period, the Muslims and Christians were able to live in peace and harmony. This resulted in the practice of cosmopolitan culture, and people of both the religions lived in mutual trust creating unique blend of Western Civilization, where in the contribution both the Christianity (Western) and Islam was more or less equal.Notwithstanding the dominance of the Muslims (Islam), religious harmony was the hallmark of the era. But the peaceful situation did not last for long. Arabic (related to Islam) was the primary language of cultural preservation and socio-spiritual progress during 800 a. d. in the Mediterranean history. In the initial stages, the language and religion (Islam) were imposed on the people. The impact of Islam was greatest during this ce ntury. It remained so between the 7th and 13th centuries. Every religion is linked or associated with a particular language like Arabic to Islam!The language prospers means the concerned religion thrives and vice versa. During the ascendance of Arabic language, Hebrew and Latin had also an important roles to play. They were clerical languages. At the same time, Arabic, apart from being the clerical language, was the language of poetry and prose as well . The califal library in Islamic Cordoba alone held 4000 books -the librarian’s catalog held information on some 600,000 volumes. The laymen of Spain do not have the knowledge of the immense contribution of the Muslim culture beyond the architectural remnants.But they celebrate with great pomp and fanfare the festival of the rout of the Muslim pirates. Notwithstanding the dominance of the Muslims (Islam), religious harmony was the hallmark of the era. To the eighth century Muslims, Iberian Peninsula was the entry point. The emo tional, physical and spiritual atmosphere was perfect. Cultural progress and constructive socio-spiritual activities were possible under such circumstances. Exquisite architectural masterpieces were built and scholarly writing was encouraged, and this had a profound influence on the life in Mediterranean area and many other parts of the world, for centuries to come.This is the greatest contribution of Muslims to this region in 900 a. d. â€Å"The Muslims who entered Iberia through the Gibraltar Strait in 711 defeated the Visigoths and moved up to the Pyrenees and maintained their stay for several centuries. Finally, with the fall of Granada in 1492, the Muslim presence was ended by Christian forces from the north. The Muslim-led civilization of medieval Iberia, a. k. a. Al-Andalus made many noteworthy contributions to humanity. † The influence of Islam that began in the early 7th Century continued till the 11thcentury.The greatness of this civilization and the dominance of Ar abic language have been highlighted by many scholars in their works. There were scholars who worked exclusively on copying Quran. That was not the era of the printing press. Book worship was the dominant quality of the Islamic polity. The Islamic Rulers encouraged building book-treasurers. So, Islam combined with Arabic language had profound influence in Spain and on the Mediterranean world during 900 a. d. It is pertinent to note here, what happened in 800 a. d. would contribute to the subsequent developments in 900 a. d. onwards. It was a period of positive and negative developments.The constitution of the new Empire sealed the break between the West and the East. It perhaps gave the West a new Roman Empire. Muslims incursions began to take place with more intensity across the Mediterranean, and they did not hesitate to impose their language and religion on the populace of the conquered territory. Trade across the Mediterranean came to a standstill and the ports, through which the merchandise arrived, were deserted with no commercial activity. The sea was no longer a safe route for commerce, because chaos prevailed all over the interior Mediterranean region initially.Due to the relentless pressure put by the invading Islamic outfits, Western Christian Civilization moved north. This resulted in the suspension of the contact with eastern, Byzantine Christianity. Over a period, they developed and formed into two distinct Christian groups. The common identity was lost. This situation worked to the advantage of Islam in the long run because their ‘religious enemies’ stood divided. Their hold and influence on the Mediterranean became even stronger. In this process, the replacement of Christianity of the southern and western Mediterranean areas by Islamic outfits had a catastrophic effect on Europe.In certain areas, a biased tax system was introduced to promote Islam. Additional taxes were imposed on Christians, but those who embraced Islam, were exemp ted. The religious persecution became order of the day. So the factors that contributed to the Muslim ascendancy were: patronage by the rulers for this religion, religious persecution for subjects practicing other religions, encouragement to literature in Arabic language, relentless pressure of the invading Islamic outfits on the people of Spain and the Mediterranean region.

Paint Your Wagon

Paint Your Wagon (1969) is a musical movie adaptation of the stage play musical of the same title by Lerner and Lowe. The movie is set in California during the gold-rush era and stars the Lee Marvin as Ben Rumson, Clint Eastwood as â€Å"Pardner† (Julio in the stage play) and Jean Seaberg as Elizabeth. The movie details how a small tent-city (No-Name-City) becomes suddenly populated when Ben (Marvin) discovers gold in the soil. The story is complicated by the arrival of other characters such as the Mormon with two wives – one of which he auctions off (Elizabeth) to Ben.A love triangle forms when Ben leaves to kidnap seven â€Å"French tarts† from a neighboring town and leaves Elizabeth in the care of Pardner. The two eventually fall in love and comes up with a strange arrangement of sorts through Elizabeth’s convincing argument that if a man can have two wives, surely a woman can have two husbands. Everything bodes well until the gold starts to dwindle and in desperation, Ben and the other miners decide to mine under the buildings believing that gold is dropping through the floorboards.This eventually leads to the destruction of the town, the abandonment of the settler’s and Ben’s renewed search for prospective land. The movie offers a (musical and colorful) window into the phenomenon known as the North-American western frontier that occurred as a result of North-America’s newly attained independence and the formation of the United States. The movie, through its comical portrayal of the gold-rush, demonstrated the Laissez-faire or free trade trend of modern American economics.This is demonstrated by the free and unregulated movement of settlers of the town of No-Name-City who are all looking for gold. The economy during this time was one of risk taking and speculation, which accounts for the migrant behavior of settlers and prospectors, risking resources traveling through the great plains of America in search of fortune and lands to reclaim (Effects of the American Frontier). Another aspect of the frontier era that the movie offers a window to is in the area of Politics and social tolerance.The movie offers a glimpse on Frontier politics through the portrayal of how the settlers of No-Name-City keep order. The movie demonstrates how the political system can be individualized, with people and leaders dealing with situations as they are encountered and making the best of the situation (Effects of the American Frontier). Social tolerance in the movie is demonstrated in the way that cultures and races can freely mix in the settlements formed in the movie (e. g. the mixing of Mormons, Americans, French etc. ).This is highly representative how the frontier era was highly racially and culturally tolerant. Lastly the movie also offers a glimpse into the stature of women during the frontier era. This is demonstrated through the character of Elizabeth. Though in the beginning of the movie her charact er was marginalized, even reduced to mere property (through the auctioning) she establishes that women are somewhat equal in status with men when she manages to convince the two male protagonists that she too can also avail of â€Å"privileges† reserved for men in the way that she too can have two husbands.This is reflective of how, during the frontier era women were treated as practically equals since in the wild west, with nature offering constant challenges to the settling population, women were expected to perform roles similar to those of men (Effects of the American Frontier). Work Cited â€Å"Effects of the American Frontier. † Cyberessays. com. 11 December 2008

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How to Start a Business in USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

How to Start a Business in USA - Essay Example In order to successfully implement a concept of retail pharmacy business, this paper strives to identify some basic steps which are required before any such activity could be started in USA. This paper will demonstrate how to start a business in Chicago, Illinois and also acts as a basic guideline for an individual who has yet to go through an actual implementation process. This paper is based on the research carried out to reveal the steps which are necessary to be taken when starting a retail pharmacy business in Chicago. Importance of intellectual property: The importance of intellectual property (IP) should be recognized thoroughly by a start-up business owner. IP is actually a legal concept and is sadly, poorly misunderstood by many people who wish to start their own businesses and think that this concept can only be appropriately applied by those people who are legal experts. Every enterprise, company or business organization should pay attention to IP. IP can help the owners a t every stage of business development â€Å"from product development to product design, from service delivery to marketing, and from raising financial resources to exporting or expanding your business abroad† (World Intellectual Property Organization, n.d.). in order to maximize the benefits, business owners should know how to use the IP system. It is worth mentioning that in case IP being used belongs to others, then rights have to be acquired to use it by obtaining a license so that forthcoming disputes and litigation could be avoided by the novice individuals intent on establishing personal businesses. IP is also important to a business because it helps in copyright protection and get fair economic awards on grounds of a business’s individual creativity and product sales. Government requirements: Retail pharmacy is recognized as one of the mainstream profitable businesses in entire USA. But, area requirements should be deeply understood and assessed before implement ing and operating any business concept, According to Woodfield (2012), State of Illinois Business Portal suggests that before starting up a business in Chicago, certain city, state, and federal requirements have to be fulfilled by an individual. Though he owner of a business has to get him/herself registered with the city, still â€Å"there are also state and federal hoops to jump through before you can open your doors† (Woodfield, 2012). However, the retail pharmacy business concept is exempted from obtaining Chicago city license. For that purpose, license from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation is to be obtained by the owner (Cequea, 2012). First, a strategic and clear business plan has to explicitly written down to be shown in different registration offices later on. As Chicago distinguishes itself by being the third most populous city in USA, so the business plan should also contain a map for showing the official authorities as to how one wis hes to make one’s desired business concept stand out among the rest. Chicago area-attorney and accountant, among other official authority members, have to be consulted first by an individual who is novice to the Chicago business scene. Afterwards, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) should be applied for in order to get the business registered with the state of Illinois. Then one must get registered with federal government for tax purposes. The government regulations

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The Philosophy Way to Solve The Black Dahlia Case Research Paper

The Philosophy Way to Solve The Black Dahlia Case - Research Paper Example Besides mutilating and dissecting Short’s body, the killer drained her corpse of blood and scrubbed it clean. The media extensively covered the case. A lengthy and in-depth investigation of the case by the L.A.P.D. revealed a series of false reports (Jeter & Keller, 2015). A witness in Black Dahlia’s murder case reported seeing a black car parked in the area in the morning hours but could not provide the police with credible information. Currently, Black Dahlia’s murder is one of the case files in L.A and it is the city’s most famous case (Latson, 2015). Therefore, there is the necessity for proficient philosophical techniques to establish or initiate utmost justice or solution to Black Dahlia’s case. Almost seventy years after the murder of Elizabeth Short, investigators currently think that they are on the verge of finding out who killed her. The cold murder of Black Dahlia that left detectives, writers and filmmakers perturbed, could be solved from the specimen obtained from Hodel’s father, Dr. George Hill Hodel (Stone, 2013). The young Hodel believed that his father executed Black Dahlia’s murder. A team of experts conducted an extensive search of the doctor’s home where the officers had initially detected the scent of human decomposition in most areas of the basement. Soil samples from Dr. Hodel’s home were taken and submitted for lab test. Significant evidence against the doctor according to his son, entails a recording between the doctor and an unknown person whereby the doctor stated that supposed he killed Short they could not prove it because his secretary was already dead. However, based on the 2006 film ‘The Black Dahlia’, it is perceived that Elizabeth was murdered in one of the empty houses of Emmett Linscott. Elizabeth Short is alleged to have been acting pornographic movies. Bucky and Lee, a police officer, decides to investigate the cause of

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How well do credit markets function in developing countries Discuss Essay

How well do credit markets function in developing countries Discuss with reference to relevant theory and evidence - Essay Example This persistency has not been justified by the lender’s hypothesis. The term used is the widespread rationing which refers to the fact that the investors and the creditors are not loaned in the ratios in which the loans are required. The formal credit has a link with the person’s wealth. The formal as well as the informal providers of the credit are inclusive of the local money lenders, landlords, the shopkeepers, relatives as well as the friends (Karlan 4). In the case of the informal credit markets, the borrowers have access to only a small number of credit markets as well as the finance institutions and money lenders. There are many arguments given, including the collateral being offered for the aim of securing the loans and it may be considered to be of higher values for the money lenders. Thereby, the lenders may be attempting to make the loans with the aim of acquisition of the assets that are often given as collateral (Townsend 67). These goals are achieved by setting the interest rates higher, thus leaving the borrower with lesser options but to be the defaulter. These reasons mark the inequalities in the land rates as well as the bonded labour as this has been especially noticed in the poorer countries and these regions have been known for uncertainties (Morduch 180). Microfinance, specially the ones used in the loans to be given out to the micro creditors, has been considered as collateral as well as costly and labour intensive. If the banks start to take interests on the microfinance, that is able to generate to the profits. The main need of the banks shall be the greater number of the micro creditors (Ray 23). The credit shall be given to these micro creditors according to the finances that are needed by them. The interest rates in the developed countries are higher as compared to the countries that are less rich. On an average, the banks have 900,000 clients for the micro credits

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None Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 7

None - Essay Example Here is another example of a church steeple designed by Perret. Although it features flat faces and a square design, there remain interesting elements throughout the tower beginning with the same sort of simple understated buttresses at the top of the tower. These pull the interest up thanks to their staggered structure, some supporting high while others support low. Although the steeple is made of concrete, Perret introduces a sense of delicacy to the material with intricate lacy patterns running up the faces and throughout other segments of the church. I like the Maison de Georges Braque because it’s one of the few examples I’ve seen of a private home designed in the modern style. It features a concentration of glass and steel as its principle construction components with brick providing the more solid elements of the building at the entrance and along the matching chimneys found at either end. Perret added interest to the building by angling the upper windows in a gentle slope that both allows more light to enter the home as well as allows rain water to naturally slide off, therefore combining function with aesthetics. This is another example of a house designed in the modern style, but it’s only recognizable as a home because of its name. The building retains interest, though, thanks to the creative use of new building materials such as concrete, steel and glass. With its large front windows that span the entire front of the building and two thirds of its lower portion, it seems like a perfect showroom for a store and the optical illusion of the heavy upper story about to crush the airy lower story is interesting. This headquarters for the Navy presents a solid face to the surrounding world, but remains interesting because of its seemingly uneven divisions from top to bottom and its evenly spaced concrete and glass partitions along the sides.

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Coca Cola Companys Organization Challenges Essay - 1

Coca Cola Companys Organization Challenges - Essay Example The Coca Cola Co. is an American beverage corporation that is multinational. It delves in the manufacturing, retailing and marketing of non-alcoholic beverage drinks all over the world. It has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia (Anders, 2013 p 43). The multinational company is renowned for flagging the Coca-Cola product that was invented in 1889 by a pharmacist known as John Stith Pemberton. The formula of Coca-Cola was developed by Asa Griggs Candler in 1889 and has since then been discrete in the company. Coca-Cola Co. operates what is referred to as a franchised distribution system (Anders, 2013 p 43). The company is responsible for the production of the syrup concentrate that is sold and distributed to the numerous bottling companies spread all over the world that holds exclusive territories. Coca-Coca Co. happens to be an identifiable company. Being attractive is one of the superior strengths that it has. It happens to be known worldwide with a powerful brand. It has a clear logo that is also acknowledged with ease (Anders, 2013 p 47). With no doubt, there is no drink company that meets the heights of Coca-Cola’s social status. Some people buy Coke drink not because of its unique taste but because of the need to conform to the global society that uses Coke. In spite of these advantages, Coca-Cola Co. still encounters challenges. These setbacks are essentially a threat to the popularity and the expansion of the company. The challenges threaten the business. Loss of trust has been a recurrent problem that has rocked the Coca-Cola Co. for a very long time. Each day, the company strives to earn respect from the consumers (Anders, 2013 p 73).

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Design Thinking Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Design Thinking - Assignment Example The analysis of such period aided in the understanding of the evolution of chief design process methods. Consequently, the analysis meant to discover from such evolution of design process methods the moment when design thinking got realized as an emerging approach as well as a framework of thinking that underscored all other prior methods of thinking. However, there was never a precisely framed linear progression of methodologies that emerged. Many methodologies were developed concurrently in various faculties as well as industries. The coining of the term design thinking date back to 1987 when Peter G. Rowe introduced the phrase in his book, ‘Design Thinking’. The design involves a call for conventional minds to change and collaborate. There are various approaches to designing thinking ranging from the participatory design, user-centered, service-centered to human-centered design thinking. The participatory design primarily focuses on user testing efficiency and end-user development. The user-centered design thinking stresses the significance of customers’ needs and paints user as central to the service or product development. The service-centered design focus on the importance of examining the user journey value and the stakeholder’s culture by stressing the need for a collaborative culture. The service design relates with the meta-design that advocates a collaborative, open source systems and holistic community development to ensure social sustainability. Therefore, service-centered design holistically engages the stakeholders and emphasizes on service sustainability. Finally, the human-centered design involves a collaborative and multidisciplinary social systems. There is also holistic engagement of the community development driven by empathy. The humanized approach applies those methods aimed at gaining direct audience understanding and thus

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The troubled history of the Airbus A380 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 3

The troubled history of the Airbus A380 - Essay Example In addition, Soft Systems Methodology allows to identify analyze multiple levels of the problem with purpose of finding the most effective solutions that take into account relationships and dependencies that might not be clearly seen using the Hard Systems Methodology. The analysis and evaluation have shown that the role of systems and operations management is underestimated by Airbus management in the process of managing separate projects and overall business operations. In addition, effective systems and operations management strategies have not been integrated within the company well enough due to lack of organization, strong leadership and communication, among other factors. Business process reengineering, total quality management, Lean and Six Sigma approaches to improvement have been analyzed with the purpose of determining the most effective for Airbus to use. The analysis has shown that business process reengineering would be the most appropriate for Airbus approach because i t implies implementing radical changes within rather narrow time frames. Rapid changes, in their turn, show to be the most effective in attempts to radically improve organizational performance. It is recommended that Airbus uses business process reengineering approach for improving its systems and operations management. Furthermore, decision making and supporting systems, such as transaction processing systems, management information systems and decision support systems should be incorporated into organizational operations in order to align information systems and operations management of the company. Introduction Airbus is, as the company writes about itself, a technology-oriented organization that created its first jet in 1974 (, 2011). In 1991 the company started working an idea of creating a super-large passenger aircraft. The jet would become the largest airplane ever made. Consequently, the work on its creation was sure to be complex and demanding. However, it took t he company 14 years, since 1993 when Airbus started working of the development of the ‘super jumbo’, for the new aircraft to take off in full service in 2007 (Slack, Chambers and Johnstone, 2010). As Slack, Chambers and Johnstone (2010) report, it took the company so many years to, finally, complete the project, because of a number of problems within the organization. Most of them, such as weak organization of production processes, poor leadership or use of incompatible software by different departments, are related to of systems and operations management practices of Airbus. Therefore, the goal of the given report is to determine and analyze how systems and operations management concepts are used by the company and how systems and operations management is integrated into the business. Soft Systems Methodology will be used for analyzing the situation and making recommendations about how the Airbus information systems and operations management should be updated to suppor t and improve their business efficiency. Furthermore, people, technology and organisational issues involved in improving the operations at Airbus will be assessed and analyzed in order to clarify how in particular Airbus can improve its business processes through the update and improvement