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Indian Art For Cultural Traditions Cultural Studies Essay

Indian Art For Cultural Traditions Cultural Studies Essay As we know India in famous for its culture and traditions. India is a land where there are full diverse cultures. Even geographically the cultures and tradition are suitable to India. The physical of India is so much matched with its cultures and tradition that I became forced to talk about the geographic region of India. Well, Indian art can be defined as the theological, hieratic or is the best of all as traditional. As India is a multi religious country so each religious has its own kind of arts and paintings. I would like to talk about some kinds of paintings in India. Mughal Paintings, Heena paintings, Acrylic paintings and painting texture. If there is a quality, richness, and innovativeness then Mughal paintings are highly admired. I liked Mughal paintings because of its style and unique. Mughal love paintings are the most important sub-genres of Mughal paintings. This sub-genre of paintings is beyond imagination. In their paintings they have the splendid themes and a very unique style. The best thing I liked about Mughal love paintings is that it doesnt resemble the realism. It is totally imagination and creativity. People love Mughal paintings because of its themes, luxury, sensuality and physical beauty. Mughal love painting is not only popular in India itself, it is highly appreciated all over the world. Heena, usually in local language (Hindi) known as mehndi. All the female member of an Indian family is familiar to Heena paintings. Mainly during festivals all the girls and women paints their hands with the paste of Heena. Heena is a kind of flowering shrub. To make dye by Heena first of all the leaves are dried and later crushed to make powder. After that a paint brush or a thin plastic cone is used to paints in hands or any part of body. After applying the paint at least it should kept for three to four hours to dry. This type of body painting is from centuries and it will remain for centuries in Indian art history. It is a believe that if a bride painting is darker than her husband will give lots of love to their bride Before writing about acrylic colors, I want to give a short description on What is Acrylic? Acrylic is a kind of plastic which looks like a glass, in fact the properties of acrylic is superior than glass in many ways. Basically acrylic is of two kinds: continuous cast and cell cast. Continuous cast is also known as extruded; continuous cast is a less expensive process. It is a kind of soft material and contains impurities and cell cast is a high expensive process with good quality. Acrylics are much stronger than glass in many ways. The weight of acrylic is half of the glass which makes works easy. As glass is scored, acrylic can be sawed. The output quality from acrylic is quite good than the output of glass materials. Acrylics have been more popular these days. In present world acrylics are used in malls, aquariums, hospitals. Of course in these days acrylics are used for renovation of interiors. If the thickness of acrylic is one inch than it is bullet resistant. Talking about color medium I like acrylic paints. Because acrylic color is extreme versatility. Acrylic paints are a kind of modern medium. It became popular medium in 1960s. The best thing acrylic color is the quality output and is comfortable for painting as it dries fast rather than watercolor and we can add new layers upon it without disturbing the first layer which means that the first layer doesnt dissolve with second layer. To make a light painting we can add water also. When acrylic colors dry it comes in darker tone, to get lighter tone we must be careful on mixing color. By mixing water we can use acrylic color like watercolor and if we want to use like oil paints than we can use color direct from tube. Painting texture: Texture plays very important role in paintings. It gives a character kind of feeling in artwork. The painting of the texture gives the visual effects and changes the mood of the art work. There is a famous artist in the history if painting texture, his name was Vincent Van Gogh. Some pictures of the Indian Arts are: Fig 1:,550550,075,f.the-art-of-henna-body-painting.jpg Fig 2: Fig 3: Being Indian before I was not having knowledge about Indian arts. As I did research on it and I went more deep and deep about it and came to know that our ancestor were so brilliant. They made us to feel proud to be an Indian. My research became fun and more interesting. And I am very much thankful to my faculty who gave us to do this kind of assignment. Western Art Many things changes with the time. From ancient age to modern age we have came across to much type of multiple arts and movement. Many of them became new creation or transformed to other style. The references will b left for details if everything is not covered. If there is a talk about the art history than the most important term would be an art style which covers European history in the end times of middle ages to the start of modern world. The time period of art style was 14th century to 17th century. Basically Western arts were originated in west during 3000 BC. Most of the part of the world is dominated by western art. In history this is one of the oldest courses. Being the oldest course in the art history, western arts is more in high-tech zones like electronic media and the equipments for the development of creative. This horizon is also known as Electronic Arts. In 1300 AD, the history of western art examined as visual art and architecture which reflects as a human interactio n and physical environment. In 1851, an artist was born with the name Mattawan from New York. He has won the first prize in Western Art Assoc. and a gold medalist and writer also. In this way the generation of western art continued. One of the earliest painters that was picked up such as anti-racism. Her name was Marie Guillemine Benoist, a Neo-classical female painter of French. During 1800, she completed a Portrait of a Black Woman, featuring an African slave-turned-servant lady. Leonardo da Vinci, was the main person who represented all the humanistic values during this period of era with the help of his arts, science and writing. Renaissance, this was the time in which each expression and worldly experience became two main themes. It is an Italian origin and later was known as European arts movements. Below there is a list of different movements which symbolizes the different periods of western art. Mannerism Baroque Fauvism Cubism Expressionism Abstract art Futurism Surrealism Minimalism There are many other more movements but these movements are mostly discussed on this topic. A short description of each movement is given below. Mannerism The word mannerism is derived the Latin word Maniera, the Italian word. Mannerism was developed in Florence and Rome between 1520 and 1600. The movement gained favor in most of central and northern Europe and northern Italy. Baroque The origin of Baroque was in Italy and France, Spain, Germany and Netherlands adopted it later. Baroque was applied in the art of period in late 1500s to late 1700s. The wide range of artists and styles is covered by Baroque. Fauvism Fauvism, a French style of painting, also known as French Faucisme. It was flourished in France from 1998 to 1908. Fauvism used pure colors and was applied straight from the tube. Fauvism was mostly for those artists who were a transitional or in learning stage. Cubism The beginning of Cubism was in 1908. It is most radical, innovative art in twentieth-century. It is completely a conception of beauty. Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque were the inventors of Cubism. Expressionism At late 19th and 20th century Expressionism took birth. It was opposed to academic standards in Europe. Expressionism is mainly refers to show the emotions in arts. The Starry Night of Gogh, was the earliest and famous painting. Abstract art Abstract art, early 1960s to late 1940s. This kind of art movement took place during American post-world war II. This was the first American movement which was influenced worldwide. Futurism 1909-1914 was the timeline of Futurism. The appearance of manifesto gave the beginning of Futurism. The presenting style of Futurism was modern an technological. With the development of Cubism, Futurism was highly inspired and went beyond techniques. The origin of Futurism was Italy and was highly influenced in France and Russia. Surrealism The beginning of surrealism was during 1924. This was the artistic movement which bought all the artists and philosophers in hunt of sense of expressions of unconscious. Surrealism became popular after the French artist Andre Breton. I would like to talk more about Impressionism and Expressionism. Impressionism: The title of the painting Impressionism was given by Claude Monet in 1872. After two years in Paris, he laid all his works independently in exhibition. Slowly impressionism became famous and it spread all around and widely used to describe the unique style of these artists. This is a movement which is the origin of French painting, also called optical realism. The scientific interest in the visual experience and the light effect made this movement optical realism. Impressionism took birth in late 1850s to late 1890s. After 1880 there was the rise of Neo-Impressionism. Neo-Impressionism outgrew the Impressionism. Expressionism Expressionism is a kind of art movement which describes the type of art it would be taking out our own ideas, feelings on a piece of paper in sense of paintings. Expressionism was stared late 19th century and early 20th century. It was opposed to academic standards in Europe. Expressionism is mainly refers to show the emotions in arts. The Starry Night of Gogh, was the earliest and famous painting. Most of the artists used their paintings to express their internal feelings and expression. Many art languages such as intense emotions, shapes and abstraction, to come out their feelings. Some of the arts painting of western art are: Mannerism art Fig 1: Baroque art, Rinaldo and Armida: artist Anthony van Dyck   Fig2: Fauvism art, Market Church at Evening: Lyonel Feininger Fig3: It was very much fun and interesting to do research on art history. I came to know many things about the art of our world. I am thank to my faculty who gave us to do essay on arts. And to all the artist who gave us to think in different way.

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Ambition in Life – Essay

I firmly believe that school is much more than what we understand it to be. Education enlightens a person in the same way a lamp brightens a dark room. But in order to ignite the light of education in a person, a teacher plays the role of the lamp carrier. Through my educational life I've considered education as a process to not only gaining knowledge but also a method of igniting our thoughts, and the process of development of a person starts from his early school age. In the developing country like India where half of the population lives below the poverty line, a movement to give the children their right to equal education is required. Having come across students who dropped out of schools because of lack of interest, I feel the urge to be a part of system where a teacher is not only qualified to teach but who can also be a mentor to the students. Teach for India is one such initiative which is working on motto of ending inequity in education and ideas of educating children beyond the conventional methods of our educational system. I realized that by being a Teach for India fellow not only I will be imparting knowledge to the young ones but will also help them in grooming. So it work not only for education sector it also work for community development. I purposely want to join the fellowship as oppose to working in other education-focused organization are as follow:- 1 . Having received the best education myself, I understood the power of knowledge and the impact it can have on the society. By putting me in the class room of young guns of India , Teach for India provide me the chance to advertise new generation not to make the mistakes which they seems to make in absence of proper resources and guidance. 2 . Prior to and during the two-year Fellowship, Teach For India provides Fellows with adequate leadership training to ensure that they are successful leaders in any field once they complete the Fellowship. 3 . Finally and foremost thing it makes me feel me proud to be a good citizen of India who has contributed to some extent to my motherland.

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Rumors, Lies and 10th Grade Essay Samples

Rumors, Lies and 10th Grade Essay Samples This is the chance for you to clarify some vital things that you wish to highlight. Read the subject of your assignment repeatedly until you fully understand what's being asked. We are here in order to give you a hand from this embarrassing circumstance. Chancing upon a mechanic is precisely what you will need to do. The 10th Grade Essay Samples Trap In your introduction, you might have laid out what would be dealt with in the essay. They are practicing all types of essays and are predicted to make effort-free pieces. You should make sure you keep on that 1 side during your whole essay. Persuasive essay topics for children. Your essay should consist of recent statistics and data from reliable sources. Read on to find out more about how to construct an informative essay, in addition to examples of informative essays to aid you in getting started. Writing an argumentative essay can occasionally be confusing as you don't necessarily understand how to compose a convincing argument. Writing a persuasive, argumentative essay can be challenging, and at times it can find a little confusing. Writing an essay in mla format is comparable to writing any other sort of essay. To structure an essay, you have to simply follow the aforementioned format. A fast guide to the appropriate essay format. How to Get Started with 10th Grade Essay Samples? There are lots of qualities that made George Washington into the excellent leader he was. As soon as you have all of the ideas, finalize the one which you think is most fit for the prompt given. Write down all the ideas you get and get started reflecting on all them. Simply take a stance on one or more of these issues, and find a lot of evidence to support it. The debut of each written work ought to have a very clear thesis statement or argument. Keep in mind, as soon as you're tired, you may not be in a position to spot and edit all the errors no matter how often you re-read your paper, and we're not even speaking about guessing what your upcoming mark can be. Our crew of proficient writers is qualified in addition to skill ed to write on any subject that may be troubling you. By applying the assistance of an actual professor or expert editor who reviews your papers and offers you an approximate mark. Essay writing is usually practiced is schools. They'll work with this partner for several of the activities in class. The question we're attempting to cover within this essay is whether students ought to be permitted to use wise phones in their schools. Being the student an, an exceptional student, is the main role for teenagers. Students lead busy lives and frequently forget about an approaching deadline. They learn to write effectively when they write more often. They have to write essays depending on the teacher's instructions or their desired style in writing. In 10th grade, they should be able to write and complete written compositions on a regular basis. The Ideal Strategy for 10th Grade Essay Samples By paying people more, businesses can make more income, since they won't pay as much on turnover prices. In our example, the very first reason we gave is a negative effect on the employee. It is an increasing market and plenty of manufacturers are making them now. All this practice creates pollution which enters the atmosphere. It's often available at Homeschool Buyers Co-op for a fair price. It's so critical to make your parents proud. Parents have the job to earn money. Knowing so, you can readily see why lots of individuals depend on air conditioning. When you write your research paper ba sed on the subject of your study you want to stick to a particular format. At times it just requires a shove to acquire the information pouring out of you. Provide all the first details, let us know about the deadline, and we'll begin making your paper to aid you in getting high grades.

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Prevention Of Lyme Disease Vaccine - 1575 Words

Prevention Lyme disease has existed on the planet for thousands of years. The best way to prevent Lyme disease is by covering up, use insect repellents, clear yard of brush and leaves, check yourself and children for ticks, don’t assume you’re immune; you can get Lyme disease more than once, and remove ticks with tweezers as soon as possible. [1] According to the CDC the Lyme disease vaccine’s production was discontinued by it’s manufacturer in 2002. The manufacturer cited an insufficient consumer demand. [2] PREVENTATIVE MEASURES One way to prevent infection is to know where to expect ticks. The ticks that cause Lyme disease live in moist environments near wooded and grassy areas. To avoid ticks, when hiking or outdoors walk in the†¦show more content†¦In general, adult ticks are approximately the size of a sesame seed and nymphal ticks are approximately the size of a poppy seed. One method of Secondary prevention is to perform daily tick checks especially after being outdoors, even in your own yard. Search your entire body for ticks when you return from an area that may have ticks. Use a hand-held or full-length mirror to view all parts of your body and remove any tick you find. Take special care to check these parts of your body and your child’s body for ticks: under the arms, in and around the ears, inside the belly button, back of the knees, in and around all head and body hair, between the legs, around the waist. It is also important to check clothes and pets carefully and remove any ticks that are found. Place clothes into a dryer on high heat to kill ticks. [5] It is important to remove any attached ticks quickly and correctly with fine-tipped tweezers as soon as you notice it. The CDC reports that if a tick has been attached to your skin for less than 24 hours, your chances of contacting Lyme disease are extremely small; however ticks carry other diseases which may be transmitted more quickly. [6] After a bite over the next couple of weeks, you should watch for signs or symptoms of Lyme disease such as rash or fever. See a healthcare provider if you have signs or symptoms as soon as possible. Many times people do not know they have been bit. It is important to always be alert for fever or rash. An