Friday, July 26, 2019

CH s 310 - Summary In Your Own Words Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

CH s 310 - Summary In Your Own Words - Essay Example The song exists in the album Los Lobos del Este de Los Angeles produced in 1978 by Los Lobos. El Tilingo Lingo epitomizes the approaches, experiences, and attitude of Mexican laborers and farmworkers. The song El Tilingo Lingo Jimenez comprises outstanding lead melodies based on the rhythmic styles of requinteros like uis DelfiƒÂ ­n and Lino ChiƒÂ ¡vez. El Tilingo involves syncopated and vigorous plucking on twin harps and involves profound play of guitar accompanied with five sequences of strings, which adds the appeal to the listeners. The singers appear lively and all through, they show intricate percussive and unique footwork and the instruments. Singer Conjunto Hueyapan seeks to integrate the zapateado into the son both as separate and integral integrity during the performance. In addition, El Tilingo Lingo Jimenez displays colorful and brilliant lead vocals. They help exhibit elegant jarocho singing panache. Thus, the song is an absolute passion and essential constituent of

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