Saturday, July 20, 2019

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Fashion Statement There are many reasons why we choose to wear a particular article or style of clothing. Many of us consider our choice in clothing as an extension of our identity; while many others pick items from their wardrobe that reflect their current mood. There are also many times when we choose to dress a certain way in anticipation of being in a particular social setting. When someone decides what to wear they need to keep in mind what messages will they be sending to the gazing eyes. Sometimes we forget or don’t realize, that we are sending both true and false message through our clothes. I am a calm, casual, musician however my clothes do not reflect this. To start, I am wearing skateboard shoes, fat toe-end and fat tongue, rather bulky. They are black except for the gum sole, and the logo on the tongue is golden. The golden logo is hidden by the cuffs of my black, neatly creased Dickies work pants. My pants fit nicely, not tight and not baggy. Holding my pants up is a black casual clamp belt, about an inch tall, with a small rectangular silver buckle. My belt is occasionally being revealed by my un-tucked, youth large, blue, button-up, collared t-shirt. The shirt is a basic plaid design, with a thin vertical line for every thick horizontal line and visa versa. Resting on parts of my shoulders and back is my surfer, guitarist length (about 8 inches long), brown, wavy hair parted down the center. Lastly, sitting backwards on my head, are my sleek, solid black Spy sunglasses. Spy is a company that makes sunglasses for the surfer, coastal alike. These clothes were not acquired in any special way, nothing more or less ordinary than anyone else. I tend to shop at stores that sell surf and skate brand clothing. These brands include Billabong, Quicksilver, Split, Osiris, Dickies, and many similar brands. Stores that sell these brands are found almost everywhere, but I tend to spend most of money at Tilly’s and Chick’s. When others decide what outfit to wear, they are making a statement on how they feel or how they would like to feel. For example, they may wear clothes that make them feel sexy, strong, smart, professional, relaxed, or powerful. The ways I feel in my clothes are relaxed and casual. I don’t feel either over or under dressed for any particular occasion.

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