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Enterprise and Business Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Enterprise and Business Development - Essay Example (According to the poll of An IoS/Sunday Mirror MORI more than 5.8 people, during the election campaign of 1997, were influenced by the voting preferences of Richard, 36 percent of the readers of Financial Times said that their decision would be influenced by Richard choice. (The Independent Sunday, April 13, 1997 p19. Title: Election 1997: Taking Branson seriously.(Features) Author: Stephen Fay). Apparently no one could predict on July 18, 1950 when Richard Branson was born that this boy would become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the history of Britain. He was born in the family that had had the long history of legal occupations. Three generations of Branson were educated as the lawyers (Daily Telegraph, Family Detective An investigation into our hidden histories. This week: Richard Branson., Weekend, May 14, 2005). It is doubtful whether he has inherited any of love or interest for law from his farther's side, but the experience and love for flying of his mother and aunt -Evette and Clare -might have influenced him and produced this well known desire for flight and adventure. Those people, who read his biography, understand that even in his early childhood he received an upbringing that infused him with pertinacity and alacrity - vital elements for every entrepreneur. His mother always tried to cultivate independence in Richard. According to Richard autobiography, she asked him to find the ways among the fields to their home, when he was four years old, she also several years later made him to cycle to another city situated fifty miles away in order to teach him the sense of the direction.; besides children in their family were taught to work hard, and not to be selfish. ( Richard Branson Autobiography, Chapter 1: A family that would have killed for each other. 1950 - 1963) In spite the fact that he was taught to be independent, his strong connection with his family as well as his upbringing in the spirit of collective and friendly team was, as one can guess, responsible for the difficult, unpalatable times that he experienced in Scaitcliffe -boarding school where he was sent by his parents ".. I loathed being sent away from home at such an early age, and have always vowed to myself that I would never send my children to boarding school until they were of an age to make up their own minds about it." ( Richard Branson Autobiography, Chapter 1: A family that would have killed for each other. 1950 - 1963). The problems were exacerbated by the fact that he suffered from dyslexia, though they were mitigated, up to the point by the fact that he excelled himself in sport. But after the injury of his knee he was unable to participate in any sport games, and because Richard could not rely solely on his academic records that were far from being brilliant he was s ent to another school- Cliff View House. He was not sucessfull there either, and in 1968 he had to leave the school with few qualifications. In 1971 he opened Virgin Mail Order Records. The Virgin Record- the byword of his success in business was found as an accident (Robert Scheinfeld , The Eleventh Element : the key to unlocking your master blueprint for wealth and success , p.116). By the time of the launching of V, Records project he had already had bad experience with the magazine that he

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