Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Buffalo Soldier Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Buffalo Soldier - Essay Example It was within this particular cauldron of hostile activity that the 9th and the 10th regiment would prove their mettle. Although there is no clear agreement with regards to where the term â€Å"Buffalo Soldiers† came from, it has been surmised that this was a term bequeathed to these regiments by the flows they so often fought. One particular account states the fact that after an attack by Cheyenne braves, attacked a contingent of hunters that were being protected by two members of the 10th regiment (Renard 707). The attack lasted for well over an hour with over 70 Cheyenne warriors seeking to kill both the hunters and their military escort. However, regardless of how hard they tried, the members from the 10th regiment fought valiantly and refuse to give up even in the face of overwhelming seemingly hopeless odds. Ultimately, one of the soldiers which is been described within the previous story, suffered from a bullet learned to his shoulder and up to 11 lance wins over his en tire body; nonetheless, he fought on with nothing short of a pistol and his saber. It is without question that due to this level of heroism, the renowned to which both enemy and friend alike the stowed upon the African-American soldier within the United States Army was born (Schubert 1219). Moreover, from such a interaction, it is oftentimes said that the Cheyenne warriors, upon returning to their tribe, noted that they had faced a soldier unlike any they had ever faced before; one that fought like a buffalo. However the term was coined, the name stuck in Buffalo soldiers were from then on used as a synonym for African-American soldier serving United States Army specifically black regiments. Perhaps even more importantly from historical and civil rights...From the brief analysis that has thus far been presented, the reader can see and understand why the actions that were undertaken by the 9th and 10th cavalry units earned such a monumental degree of renowned. Ultimately, yonder mere ly fighting for their country and exhibiting extraordinary gallantry and bravery in the face of oftentimes seemingly insurmountable odds, the Buffalo soldiers were able to prove to their military counterparts, as well as many individuals within society, that the African-American citizen was every bit as talented, gallant, intelligent, and determined as his white counterpart. Unfortunately, it would take another nearly 100 years in order to see African-American and white society integrate; however, the Buffalo soldiers and their sacrifices were in importance that healing post-war scar and moving the United States military in a more progressive and realistic direction.

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