Monday, July 29, 2019

Journal Article Review - Phonemic Awareness Essay

Journal Article Review - Phonemic Awareness - Essay Example Performance of other abilities such as sound-based tasks and other related activities can be performed. Although this is the case there are differences in the performance of children with CI and those with normal hearing capabilities. In terms of the phonological awareness (PA) for children with CI, learning phase that is protracted and long can be observed. Controlled tasks and revealed no significant difference from the normal children (Spencer and Tomblin, 2008). Based on the objective of the study that is to present a comparative analysis in the different hearings properties such as phonological awareness in relation to CI use, it can be perceived that the research conducted was able to achieve such goal. The exercises and tests that had been undertaken can be considered simple yet were able to clearly present the needed data. Variation in the use of tasks to test the hypotheses can also be observed in the research undertaken. These characteristics of the results are important in the characterization of the success of the study. It can be perceived that the methodology had been able to cover the possible points that are needed to be included in the area under study. Aside from the methodology undertaken, the presentation of the data and the analysis of the results had been presented in a commendable manner. Important characteristics of the organization of data are simple, clear and can easily be analyzed and understood. The presentation and development of the paper can also be considered important. For the said paper, the ideas and concepts had been developed and presented clearly and segregated properly for better understanding. The presentation of pertinent data related to phonological awareness is also essential. Included in the tasks under study are rhyming tasks, blending words task and Elision task which are determinants of the capabilities of the CI children in relation to learning how to read (Spencer and Tomblin, 2008). These

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